You're about to discover what the Internet marketing 'gurus' NEVER want you to know (unless you're willing to pay them THOUSANDS of dollars)...

Have you ever noticed that the marketing "gurus" seem to make money quickly and easily - and make it look easy as well - while many other people struggle to make even their first dollar online?

What is it about the "gurus" that enables them to make money so quickly? What do they know that most people don't?

As an example, in February 2008 marketing guru Frank Kern launched an information product called "Mass Control". Despite being priced at $1,997, (far higher than most products in his market) Frank sold over $1 million of this product in just 2 days.

How was he able to do it? And do we really need to invest $1,997 to find out? I believe the answer to that question is No, as I'll explain shortly, but...

Here's another quick example:

Recently, marketing guru Eben Pagan (who writes in the dating niche under the pen name of David DeAngelo) revealed that his business was generating over $20 million a year, just from selling information products.

His recent Get Altitude marketing seminar was priced at $10,000 - and it sold out.

Clearly then, people are willing to spend thousands of dollars to find out what these gurus know and teach, but the question is...

Do you really need to spend $10,000 to find out?

I don't believe so, and here's why:

Just before that, let me ask you a few quick questions...
  • Have you ever wondered what these gurus reveal at their high priced seminars?

  • Would you like to know the secrets they know that makes them millions?
If you answered YES to either of the above, then I have something very important to tell you...

Here's my important discovery...

I came across an easy way of finding out how they make their big money, without having to spend thousands of dollars on their courses and seminars...


Here's how it works:

First of all, I get inside their whole sales and marketing process, and I take it apart, to discover firsthand precisely how they market and sell to their potential customers.

Of course, anyone could do the same, although that in itself takes time and effort.

However, one of the main reasons these gurus can charge thousands of dollars for a marketing product or seminar is they reveal not just what they do, but more importantly why they do something...

... and yet,what's great about my "reverse engineering" technique is we can even use it to find out the reasons why they do what they do, as well!

Of course, you need to know what to look for in the first place. For example, if you wanted to find out how a vehicle worked
- perhaps to repair it, or even build your own - you could take it apart and separate it into its components.

However, if you still don't know why a particular component is there, or what it does, then taking the vehicle apart isn't going to help you much.

And that's where I come in.

In a few moments I'm going to share with you my 10 years of experience in marketing, selling, persuading, copywriting and creating products so that you can see not only the "how" of what the gurus are doing, but also the "why".

You'll see precisely how the gurus use their skills to influence, persuade, and even "mind control" subliminally. Just wait until you realize what they're doing, you'll be amazed.

Of course, at this point you may be wondering...

"Why Does This All Matter To Me?"

That's a very important question. Here's what we know for a fact about the top marketing gurus...
  • They are making big money. For instance, Frank Kern's "Mass Control" course generated over $1 million in 2 days, using the same techniques he taught in his course. David DeAngelo's information business now makes $20+ million a year. So doesn't it make sense to find out exactly how they do it?

  • The business models they use are successful. So doesn't it make sense to fully understand their models, and to follow a model that works, rather than try and re-invent the wheel?

  • They are masters at copywriting. (Or they hire the best copywriters). Either way, their copy sells. So doesn't it make sense to "reverse engineer" their sales letters too, and find out exactly what techniques they're using to compel people to buy? (You'll be surprised at the techniques you're about to see them use, that are barely discussed even in top copywriting courses!)
If you agree that Reverse Engineering The Gurus makes sense, then I have some bad news and good news:

First, the bad news...

I revealed the techniques they were using in my unique "Reverse Engineering The Gurus" monthly series.  
Each month, I sent out a new Guru Report in which I analyzed the sales and marketing process of one particular guru, and I showed my subscribers how - and more importantly why - the gurus were doing what they're doing at each stage, to compel people to buy.

That way they got to discover what really worked (not just theory), and they got to see precisely how and why the gurus were making money.

I also included an in-depth analysis of their sales letter and/or "squeeze" page, so they could see just how they used persuasive, even hypnotic copy. (For instance, check out DeAngelo's sneaky use of SUBLIMINAL COMMUNICATION and messages, for instance - as exposed in Guru Report #1.)

When they subscribed, they also got a Techniques Report each month, which explored in detail one or more of the specific techniques or skills being used by the gurus, so that my subscribers could fully grasp, understand and APPLY them quickly, should they choose to do so.

However, the bad news is that after just 2 months I decided to discontinue the series, simply because it took a lot of time and effort to "reverse engineer" each of the gurus. (I went into a lot of detail!)

But the good news is...

fter withdrawing the monthly series, a lot of people wanted to know what was contained in those reports. So I have decided to make the 4 reports I wrote available to download, for one low fixed price.

Here is what you can get from the 4 reports:

Guru Report #1 - We "reverse engineer" David DeAngelo's $20 million a year men's dating advice business in detail, a business which started with a post on a dating forum back in 2000. (It includes an in-depth analysis of 2 of his sales letters).

  • The single most important thing David DeAngelo did back in 2001 that put him way ahead of 95% of the others – here's what it was, and how you can do it too... p3

  • The simple yet devastatingly powerful 3 part formula DeAngelo uses that sucks readers straight into his sales channel. p9

  • The biggest “key” to DeAngelo's success, and the principle reason he's making over $20 million a year - and best of all, virtually anyone can replicate it!... p11

  • How DeAngelo's main sales letter flies in the face of copywriting “convention” and what expensive copywriting courses tell you to do, and why it's so much more powerful because of it.

  • DeAngelo's skillful (and even “sneaky”) use of NLP techniques such as “time distortion”, “embedded commands” and "phrase ambiguity" to compel the reader on a subconscious level to buy... one was even so subtle, I only caught it on reading through a second time! (Fortunately, you don't need a background in NLP... I'll show you precisely what he's doing – it's truly powerful stuff. And if you do know NLP, you'll be amazed just how skillfully DeAngelo uses it!)

Techniques Report #1 - How To Model A Guru

In this report, I'll demonstrate why it's so important to understand the guru's business models, and I'll show you how to model your business on theirs.

Plus, I'll show you many other powerful things you can do when you have an effective business model. In many ways, your success depends on this.

Guru Report #2 - We "reverse engineer" Frank Kern and his "Mass Control" product launch to discover exactly how he created a buying frenzy that generated over $1 million in 2 days. (This report includes an in-depth analysis of his launch sales letter.)

  • Precisely how Frank promoted himself and his product on a marketing forum, to generate free publicity - without ever being accused of "spamming".

  • The sneaky but smart techniques Frank used to get his launch emails both opened and read.

  • How Frank used "mass control" to herd large numbers of people into spending thousands of dollars with him, and precisely where he was using these techniques in his sales process.

Techniques Report #2
- How The Gurus Apply The Weapons Of Influence.

An in-depth examination of the principles of influence (including reciprocation, commitment and consistency, social proof, liking, authority, and scarcity), and how and when they are used - often in combination - by gurus such as Frank Kern and David DeAngelo.

In this report, you'll discover...
  • How Frank used the principle of "social proof" to create a herd mentality and an eventual stampede to his product!

  • How a similar product that Frank also released immediately prior to the "Mass Control" launch helped promote his brand and benefited from the "rejection-then-retreat" technique.

  • How to use the principle of "commitment and consistency" to virtually compel people to buy.

  • How both David DeAngelo and Frank Kern use the "perceptual contrast principle" to sell more products.

Now let me ask you an important question...

How much would all this knowledge about what the gurus do and why they do it be worth to you?

The people who went to Eben Pagan's (aka David DeAngelo's) seminar paid $10,000. The people who bought Frank Kern's "Mass Control" course paid $1,997.

Why are people so willing to pay those kind of prices? I'm sure it's partly because they believe that when they know what the gurus know, they'll be able to earn that money back pretty quickly.

And they're probably right. After all, the gurus know their stuff. That's why people view them as marketing "gurus" in the first place.

Yet 80% of what they teach (the "techniques") can be deduced by "reverse engineering" their sales process and their launch sequences. Another 10%
(the reasons for why they do things) can also be figured out through the same process.

(The final 10% is just the basic technical "how to" stuff which most online marketers need to know, like how to set up an autoresponder - which stuff can usually be figured out after spending a bit of time on Google.)

Of course, I appreciate that in this fast-paced society we live in, most people don't have the time or opportunity to spend the days and weeks necessary to really sit down and examine what the gurus are doing, like I did.

And besides, it's also about knowing precisely what to look for, and figuring out why they're doing something - just like the car mechanic must also have a good understanding of all the car components.

That's why in these 4 Reverse Engineering The Gurus™ reports, I've done all the hard work for you.

For instance, in the case of Frank Kern's "Mass Control" launch (see Guru Report #2), I literally spent several days going through hours of his videos, hours of audio, and dozens of pages of material and the pre-launch emails he sent, to find out exactly what he was doing, why he was doing it, and what made his launch so successful.

(Some of it was obvious, but some of the things he was doing was "under-the-radar" stuff!)

In fact, I learned so much that for Guru Report #2 I wrote an extra Bonus Report that covers the techniques he teaches, so that you can benefit from all the time I spent studying his material.

And forget paying $10,000 or even $1,997.

For the original series I charged just $24 a month. But since I discontinued the series after 2 months I have decided to make the 4 reports available to you for the fixed one-time price of just $24, a saving of 50%.

After you place your order, you'll be able to download the reports in one ZIP file, or you can download them individually so you can start reading right away.

The reports are in PDF format, so you can download and enjoy them at your leisure - and refer back to them whenever you'd like.

Start reading them now...

Yes! I'd like to download the 4 Reverse Engineering The Gurus™ reports for the one-time investment of just $24.

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